Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care- Book from AHCA


Dementia Beyond Drugs

Dementia Beyond Drugs

                                              By Dr G. Allen Power

AHCA is offering a book titled "Dementia Beyond Drugs" for $32.95.  Dementia, and how to care for individuals with dementia, has been a popular subject recently.  Let this book give you suggestions on how you can care for dementia patients, all with the goal of reducing the amount of their medications.

Dr. G. Allen Power, board-certified internist, geriatrician, nursing home practitioner, and Eden Alternative Educator, challenges all care providers working with individuals with dementia to undertake a true operational change.  You will learn how to embrace more humanistic, enlightened practices that address the most common challenges in caring for people who live with dementia.  Overcome communication challenges, minimize anxiety and depression, root out the causes of wandering, and gain insights into paranoia and delusions so that you can learn to treat individuals with dementia as the human beings that they are rather than letting their dementia define them.  

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