Passing of Mike Malone

KHCA/KCAL extends it's deepest sympathies at the passing of Mike Malone. Below is the announcement.

Mike Malone went to be with Jesus this morning about 2:30 AM. A long and difficult battle is over-- some would say he lost that battle, but in truth, he stands today in more victory than we can imagine. To me, Mike was a close friend and confidant, a partner on the leadership team here at Liberty Assembly, and one of the finest human beings I have ever known. Some of earth's glory and honor was transferred to Heaven this morning (Rev 21:26). I am glad to say that the last words we said to each other were, "I love you." Please pray for Barbara and the rest of the family.

Mike Malone has been the Administrator at The Forum of Overland Park for 8 years.  He was an active member of KHCA.  He was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma

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