KDADS/National Research Coporation Resident Satisfaction Survey Update


KDADS announced Tuesday that training is underway with the individuals who will be conducting interviews in your centers as part of the National Research Corporation (NRC) report card process. Centers are being contacted directly by National Research Corporation outlining the date interviewers plan to be at your center and the expectations of the center during the interview process.

KDADS Commissioner Joe Ewert reported that 90% of skilled nursing centers signed up for the program. Others who attempted to sign up after the deadline missed their opportunity to participate this year. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE CENTERS.

National Research Corporation plans to have all of the interviews conducted in January with preliminary results available to providers in February. KDADS plans a preview of the data for Spring 2014. The individual questions lead to a final score on “overall satisfaction,” and “willingness to recommend” which will be relayed on the report card.  Additional detail on the individual domain scores will be available on the website for those seeking it.  Providers will have full access to all data collected during the process through their own portal with NRC. 

Below is a follow up from NRC which provides additional information and the link to the archived recording.

This is a follow up to last week’s KDADS webinars to prepare you for the upcoming Resident Survey in January. Thanks to all who attended the webinars. For those who were unable, or for your reference I have attached a link to a recording of one of our four session. During these calls a number of questions were asked and fielded, a few of which we consulted with KDADS to answer for you. Please find a spreadsheet with all commonly asked questions and responses attached. Please review these carefully and let me know if you need additional clarification.

As a reminder the next steps are as follows:

My InnerView will contact your facility with a schedule of when the interviewers will arrive between now and Dec 31

1.      You should assign a Survey Champion and plan your communication plan

2.      Create a list of resident eligible to complete a survey in preparation for the interviewers arrival

3.      Plan for where the surveys will take place

4.      You should begin communication that the survey is coming around Dec 20

5.      Surveys will ship via FedEx on Dec 31st

6.      The package of surveys will arrive between Jan 2-6

7.      Interviewers will arrive at your facility between Jan 6-27


When the Interviewer arrives at you facility:

1.      They will identify themselves as the KDADS interviewer

2.      The survey champion should give the interviewer the box of surveys

3.      Give the interviewer the list of residents to survey

4.      Provide the interviewer with instructions on where the surveys will take place

5.      Assist them with navigating your facility and be available for questions


Following these steps will ensure a successful survey.


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