CMS Releases Advance Copies of SC Memo and Interpretative Guidance Related to Use of Pasteurized / Unpasteurized Eggs

Hayden Parker

CMS has released advance copies of S&C memo and interpretative guidance related to use of pasteurized/unpasteurized eggs.  Please take a moment to read the following comments from Lyn Bentley of AHCA:

CMS provided AHCA with advance copies of  a Survey & Certification Memorandum (S&C Memo) and associated surveyor interpretive guidance at F341, Sanitary Conditions, which are attached.  The focus of these documents is on use and serving of pasteurized and unpasteurized eggs.  Several key points:
  • A nursing center that uses and serves unpasteurized eggs must ensure the eggs are fully cooked until both the yolk and white are completely firm.
  • If a nursing center uses pasteurized eggs, they may serve them as “soft-cooked”, “soft-scrambled”, or :sunny-side up”.
  • The use of signed agreements between the nursing center and a resident/patient (or the resident’s/patient’s legal representative) releasing the nursing center of liability if the patient/resident becomes ill due to eating unpasteurized eggs prepared by the nursing center that are  not cooked until the yolk and white are completely firm are not permitted
CMS also updated the surveyor guidance to include information related to serving food grown in Nursing Home Gardens, which was in a previously released S&C Memo.
These documents are not yet posted on the CMS Website and due to the Memorial Day holiday may not be posted until sometime next week.  The S&C Memo is dated May 20, 2014 and is “Effective Immediately.” 

CMS S&C Memo
Interpretive guidelines