CMS Releases S and C Long Term Care Provider Update

Survey and Certification Memos

One new  Survey and Certification Memo has been released since the last note:

14-36:  Infection Control Breaches Which Warrant Referral to Public Health Authorities (5/30/14)

If State Survey Agencies (SAs) or Accrediting Organizations (AOs) identify any of the breaches of generally accepted infection control standards listed in this memorandum, they should refer them to appropriate State authorities for public health assessment and management. SAs should consult with their State’s Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Prevention Coordinator or State Epidemiologist on the preferred referral process.  Since AOs operate in multiple States, they do not have to confer with State public health officials to set up referral processes, but are expected to refer identified breaches to the appropriate State public health contact identified at:  Download memo