Long Term Care Magazine Announces Crowdsourcing Issue

Provider magazine, an award-winning publication for long term and post-acute care professionals, announced today a new crowdsourcing initiative--By You, For You--that will spotlight the personal accounts of how staff, owners, and residents tackle the daily challenges and joys of care. Those living or working in a long term or post-acute care facility, such as a skilled nursing or assisted living center, are invited to submit articles, case studies, poems, short stories, or resident artwork to be featured in the December issue. 

“The long term and post-acute care world is filled with untold stories about improving the lives of others,” said Mark Parkinson, AHCA President and CEO. “Our caregivers support the daily achievements of our residents, and, in turn, residents enrich their lives in numerous ways. I’m personally looking forward to reading their stories, sharing their insights, and being inspired.”

Readers are invited to submit their stories in the categories of caregiving, technology, management, human resources, design, quality, culture change, and person-centered care. Resident artwork, personal narratives, and poetry are also welcome.

Submissions can be made via Provider’s website, at www.providermagazine.com, or its Facebook page, at www.facebook.com/providermagazine. For more information about contributing to this issue, including promotional giveaways and other updates, follow Provider on Twitter @ProviderMag, “like” them on Facebook, or contact Managing Editor Meg LaPorte at 202-898-2845 or mlaporte@providermagazine.com.