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Published on July 24, 2014

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KHCA/KCAL Needs Your 2567


Beginning July 1, 2014 KDADS is no longer providing KHCA/KCAL with facility 2567s. This data has been so important to our facility standards committee because of Linda Farrar’s outstanding analysis of the survey results. We want to continue this timely reporting but can only do this with your help. Please email your 2567 to when you receive it. We recognize that there may be future revisions to the data but the analysis of the initial findings is key to educating our members on survey trends and ways to avoid deficient practice. For questions, contact Cindy Luxem at 785-267-6003. Thank you for helping us provide the best quality information to all of you.

KHCA Board Nominations


KHCA’s Nominating Committee is issuing a call for candidates for state-level association officers.  Elections will be held at the General Membership Meeting at the KHCA/KCAL Annual Convention and Trade Show in Wichita in October.  Those elected will begin their term at the beginning of 2015.

Following are positions to be filled:  Some positions have board members that can be re-elected for an additional two year term.



Education VP

Government Affairs VP

Membership VP

Facility Standards VP

Independent Owner VP

Multi-Facility (Regional) VP

If you are interested in submitting your name as a candidate for one of the mentioned positions, please send an email no later than August 14th, 2014. Forward to Cindy Luxem

KHCA/KCAL Nurse Leadership Conference


Time is running out to register for the upcoming Nurse Leadership Conference in Topeka.  This special conference is for nurses from ALL long term care providers.  KHCA/KCAL has a great line up of presenters including national leadership speaker Christopher Ridenhour.  Skilled Nursing home nurses will find valuable information on all three days.  Nurses from state licensed only homes will find pertinent information on the last two days and are eligible for a special price.    Click here to download brochure and click here to register.



KHCA/KCAL Annual Convention and Trade Show Registration Open! Register Now!


Passport to Quality!

Embark on a journey around the world as we seek the highest quality care!

Registration for the 2014 KHCA/KCAL Annual Convention and Trade Show in Wichita, Kansas, October 22-24, now open!


Convention pricing is as follows:

For ONE TRANSACTION per member facility: $300 for the first attendee, $150 for every subsequent attendee

$50 for unlicensed direct care staff (does not include administrative corporate staff)



Register Online Today!!


Click here to secure your hotel room!

If you need additional assistance from the Hyatt Regency, please call 1-888-421-1442

2014 KHCA/KCAL Awards Nomination Packets Now Available



64th Annual Convention & Trade Show

2014 Awards Nomination Packet are now available.

Winners will be honored in Wichita, KS on Thursday, October 23, 2014.

The 2014 Award and Recognition Program will be one of our best yet!  Our yearly awards ceremony is just a small way of honoring some of the great men and women that we work with throughout the year.  Please take the time from your busy schedules to nominate folks from your home.

Thank you,

Fred Benjamin, KHCA Chairmen

Shelley Gromer, KCAL Chair

Have an employee you want to nominate?  Click here to download the nomination packet with details!

Only one more month to nominate!

HCBS Final Rule


KDADS officials have been hosting meetings across the state this week seeking public comments on the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Final Rule and Transition Plan. States participating the in the HCBS program must submit and plan to CMS that details their efforts to allow participants in the Medicaid waiver programs to live in settings of their choice in the lest restrictive manor possible. Of special interest to KCAL is the Frail Elderly waiver which addresses consumers 65 years and older.

KDADS in cooperation with Wichita State University is conducting a survey of current HCBS providers. The information isgathered is designed to help the department design the transition plan and give providers a first step in proving that they meet HCBS appropriate standards as outlined in the final rule. Although the survey listed a deadline for completion as May 30, 2014, KDADS is encouraging providers to complete the survey if they have not done so. Commissioner Joe Ewert said, “Please encourage your members to complete them.  It is looking more likely that we will use the results of those surveys to identify which facilities need on site visits.  Will likely have to visit all facilities that don't provide us a survey with information that allows us to weed them out of the heightened scrutiny category.”

Click here to complete the survey.

Click here for a look at the AHCA/NCAL analysis of the Final Rule and here for NCAL’s report

Click here for comments from KHCA/KCAL’s general Council Harvey Tettlebaum from HuschBlackwell.

New LTC TrendTracker is Coming- Make Sure You're Ready


This coming October, LTC Trend Tracker will receive a brand new upgrade! AHCA aims to make this free member resource easier for users to navigate, along with a more modern online look. This means the current platform will no longer be available to users starting October 31, 2014.

During this transition, members should take the following actions to prepare for the switch:

Account Administrators

Please verify your organization and user lists. These lists were sent out to organization account administrators in May. Please contact to receive your list.

Also, all current username and passwords will be changed at launch. So, please send us your information so you can log in in October. If we don’t receive verification from you, you will not be able to access the site.

Corporate Users

If you use the system for incentive purposes for staff, please download the data before October 31, 2014 for your organization.

All Users

New data will not be updated in the current LTC Trend Tracker system as of September 30, 2014.

There will be a new login in page for LTC Trend Tracker beginning on or around October 10. Please ensure you've bookmarked This will allow you to keep up with important updates to the upgrade.

AHCA and the LTC Trend Tracker team are looking forward to the launch of the new system in October. If you have any questions or need further information on this please email

AHCA’s Peggy Connerton will be back in Kansas during the Oct 22-24, 2014 KHCA/KCAL Convention and Tradeshow to roll out the new system and to help providers get the most out of LTC Trend Tracker.


Wichita Medicaid 101 Seminar- September 3rd


Please take a moment to look at the following comments from Tammy Thomas of DCF regarding the upcoming Medicaid 101 Seminar in Wichita on September 3rd.


As you know, many folks attending the DCF LTC Round Table earlier this year expressed a desire for DCF to move forward with a Wichita Medicaid 101 Seminar.  With this opportunity, we will focus on the Medicaid application.  We’ll start on page 1 and go line x line through the entire app.  DCF Supervisory staff will define/discuss what it means to be a “responsible person”, a “facilitator”, and income vs. resources.  We will also discuss spousal impoverishment with division of assets, revocable and irrevocable trusts, real estate, life insurance, facilities becoming Rep Payee for SS benefits, etc.  A presentation regarding FAS Teams will also be provided followed by extensive Q&A for all presentations.

It is our privilege to spend this time with you and provide relevant accurate information as you care for Kansans in need. Please see the information below with date, time, location, as well as RSVP contact.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or needs.


WHAT:  Wichita Medicaid 101 Seminar

TOPIC:  Medicaid Application

WHEN:  September 3, 2014 9-12:00 pm

WHERE:  Midway Kansas Chapter American Red Cross, 1900 E. Douglas, Wichita, KS 67214

RSVP:  Lesa Campbell, DCF Exec. Asst., (913)826-7333, or


Memo on Referrals for Critical Access Hospital Swing Bed Services


In Kansas, as with many other states, hospitals are using swing beds in their hospitals to provide skilled care without providing them with choice post-acute options.  AHCA has put together a memo to provide background information about Critical Access Hospitals and swing beds and the federal requirements for these services.  Kansas has 83 Critical Access Hospitals, by far the largest number in any state.

We would be curious if members are seeing this as an issue? Please let Cindy know

Download report for full information

2014 AHCA/NCAL Convention and Expo- Registration Available



AHCA/NCAL 65th Annual Convention & Expo

Join thousands of long term and post-acute care professionals at National Harbor on the banks of the Potomac River, just outside Washington, D.C., October 5-8. Don't wait-register today and get the maximum discount available.
The AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo offers more than 60 education sessions with top-rated speakers from the field and from academia, special constituency events for targeted learning, plenty of networking opportunities, and one of the largest Expos supporting your special business needs. Our keynote speakers this year include Colin L. Powell, U.S.A. (Ret.), and Captain Richard Phillips. Pat Benatar and Neil "Spyder" Giraldo will headline the Gala Dinner & Show! Enjoy all this as well as access to the historic surroundings of our nation's capital.

Register at or

Not for Profit News- July


Take a moment to look at this month's AHCA/NCAL Not for Profit Newsletter.  In this issue:

• Not for Profit Program of the Year Honoree – Benedict Court
• Thanks to NFP News Sponsor PDI!
• Mark Your Calendars for Living the Mission: A Day for Not for Profit Providers
• Tours at Convention
• Congressional Visit and VA Provider Agreement Letters
• 2014 NFP Grassroots Advocacy
• NFPs Engaging in the Political Process
• U.S. Congressional Calendars
• Social Media Strategies
• 2014 National Assisted Living Week Logo Available!
• New HUD and OMB Directors Confirmed
• AARP Releases 2014 State Report on Long Term Care
• Speaking Fluent Alzheimer's
• 2014 National Alzheimer's Disease Plan Available
• 2014 Webinar Series on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias
• My Precious Customers: My Job Is Nothing Without You
• National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities
• AHCA's Updated Medicaid Webpages
• Free Resources
• AHCA/NCAL's Upcoming Webinars
• AHCA/NCAL's Affordable Care Act Online Resource
• Important 2014 AHCA/NCAL Events – Be Sure to Mark Your Calendars!

Check out the full newsletter here

ID/DD Digest Newsletter


In this issue, you will find:
• ID/DD Hero of the Year Honoree – Alicia Durham, Eureka, CA
• AHCA Submits Comments to CMS on Adoption of 2012 Edition of the Life Safety Code
• Leading the Charge for Compassionate Care: A Day for ID/DD Residential Services
• Tours at Convention
• 2014 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Grassroots Advocacy
• U.S. Congressional Calendars
• Social Media Strategies
• 2014 National Assisted Living Week Logo Is Available!
• New Disability Adviser at the White House
• New HUD and OMB Directors Confirmed
• Congress Passes Legislation Limiting Sheltered Workshop Eligibility
• Anniversary of Olmstead and Issue Brief
• Lifetime Autism Costs Over $2 Million
• AARP Releases 2014 State Report on Long Term Care
• Speaking Fluent Alzheimer's
• 2014 National Alzheimer's Disease Plan Available
• 2014 Webinar Series on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias
• My Precious Customers: My Job Is Nothing Without You
• The National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative and the Marketplace
• National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities
• AHCA's Updated Medicaid Webpages
• AHCA/NCAL's Upcoming Webinars
• AHCA/NCAL's Affordable Care Act Online Resource
• Important 2014 AHCA/NCAL Events – Be Sure to Mark Your Calendars!
• 2014 Health Care Observances

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CMS Releases Part D and Hospice Medication Access Fix


Today, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released interim guidance intended to address the highly problematic May 1 Guidance on Part D and hospice drug coverage.   See attached documents for the new, interim guidance.  Below is an overview of the challenging Spring guidance and a preliminary summary of the new, interim guidance which replaces the May 1 instructions to Hospice providers and Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs). 

Problematic Spring Guidance

On March 10, 2014, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a memorandum to Part D Plan Sponsors and Medicare Hospice Providers entitled, "Part D Payment for Drugs for Beneficiaries Enrolled in Hospice – Final 2014 Guidance" (   The guidance, based on a 2012 Office of the Inspector General report (, identifies that Medicare is likely paying for Medicare-financed medications twice both through the Part D Prescription Drug Plans’ (PDP) capitation payments and through the hospice per diem.  The guidnace became effective on May 1, 2014.  

In brief, the guidance caused significant confusion among PDPs, hospice providers, pharmacies, consultant pharmacists, and skilled nursing center providers (SNF).  The results of this confusion were:

Preliminary Overview of New Replacement Guidance

Below is a short overview of the new guidance.  A more comprehensive explanation will be shared next week:

  1. Revised hospice Part D guidance was posted on HPMS this morning, and has or will released through the Medicare Learning Network (MLN).  The communication is addressed to plans and hospices, only
  2. The prior authorization (PA) requirements will be limited to the four categories in the DHHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report.   Based on OIG discussions with CMS and hospice representatives, OIG concluded that hospice beneficiaries generally experience common symptoms during the end of life regardless of their terminal diagnoses. These symptoms include pain, nausea, constipation, and anxiety. Four common categories of prescription drugs are typically used to treat these symptoms: analgesics,2 anti-nauseants, laxatives, and antianxiety drugs. Only drugs that address these symptoms and/or fall into these categories will require a PA. 
  3. For drugs in the four categories, hospices will only need to provide to the plans a statement that the drug is unrelated; they will not need to provide a clinical justification (although they will need to keep documentation for audit).  
  4. The memo strongly encourages hospices to complete the drug assessment form with the hospice patient’s list of drugs and provide it to the Part D plan immediately (CMS cannot require this but “encourages” all providers to use it). Part D plans may rely on the form, which should also include the effective date of hospice election.  The goals is to expedite the form, which presumably will arrive before the plan is notified by CMS of a beneficiary’s hospice enrollment.  In that instance the plan may rely on the form from hospice.
  5. The memo also clarifies what pharmacists can provide at the point of sale (POS), and it provides pharmacists with a greater role in assisting in moving the requests through the PA system.
  6. There is no distinction in how scripts from unaffiliated providers are processed; however, CMS anticipates and expects that they will provide confirmation that they have coordinated with the hospice.
  7. CMS is strongly encouraging hospices to complete first fills of all drugs on the hospice list and hopes this will help as well.
  8. Plans will have flexibility on providing additional messaging about the PA beyond the POS content.
  9. The policy takes effect immediately but parties will have until October 1 to have it in place.
  10. The policy is not being released as a draft nor  is it otherwise subject to comment, but CMS will be updating the FAQs by next week and will use the FAQ process for any clarification  needed.
  11. If there are any claims outstanding from application of the May 1 policy,  the new guidance can be applied to resolve them.
  12. Part D claims for hospice enrollees that are for drugs outside of the 4 classes are treated as they would be any other Part D enrollee (e.g. subject to PA if they would otherwise be subject to PA).  
  13. While CMS is interested in thinking about and working with stakeholders on a very clear long-term solution, this policy is in place for the foreseeable future.   
  14. CMS also tells us that enterprise-wide, they are committed to educating all stakeholders on this policy.
  15. CMS intends to update all pending FAQs by the end of next week, so it’s possible that additional issues, such as plan safe-harbors, may be addressed there.

CMS Medicare Update Newsletter July


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• Comment Period Has Begun for CY 2015 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule
• Review Your 2014 PQRS Interim Claims Feedback Data
• EHR Incentive Programs: Learn More about Clinical Decision Support Interventions

Claims, Pricers, and Codes
• Correction to SNF Consolidated Billing Code Lists

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